dinsdag 11 mei 2010

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donderdag 6 mei 2010

Video: How did birth control pill affect Catholics? http://bit.ly/cUCPR7
Video: Pill came to market during ‘pivotal time’ in U.S. http://bit.ly/9uqbBe
Video: Eight fallen WWII airmen come home to final honors http://bit.ly/9GE4zX
Video: Ash grounds flights in Ireland, Scotland http://bit.ly/aUVk3P
Video: Phoenix Suns take immigration law to basketball court http://bit.ly/97WhyN
Video: Gulf oil spill destroys long-time businesses http://bit.ly/dzOMAQ
Video: Security concerns create taser nation http://bit.ly/9oR0xS
Video: The Pill at 50 http://bit.ly/awIleP
Video: Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell dies http://bit.ly/bcQucN
Video: NBC employee wins $266 million in lottery http://bit.ly/cuI9iw
Video: 18-wheeler explodes at Texas refinery http://bit.ly/bHD9Kl
Video: Washington Post to sell Newsweek http://bit.ly/cncLsj
Video: Rep. David Obey to retire http://bit.ly/dpv7ky
Video: Three killed in Greek protests http://bit.ly/a0Hgo2
Video: Former Homeland Security chief on Times Square arrest http://bit.ly/a98nS6
Video: Bomb attempt prompts new no-fly rules http://bit.ly/djRNQM
Video: Alleged Times Square bomber an unusual suspect http://bit.ly/9gBikN
Video: Hardships surface as flooded families start over http://bit.ly/a8AmYL
Video: Disaster in the Gulf: Update http://bit.ly/djthPY
Video: Size of oil spill underestimated http://bit.ly/bEU9Xd
Video: Murder On Campus http://bit.ly/crwps4
Video: The Pakistan Connection http://bit.ly/8Z3ws9
Video: Defense Claims UVA Murder Accidental http://bit.ly/9B70zo
Video: Fighting Abusive Debt Collectors http://bit.ly/dBjWr9
Video: Terror Strategies: Individual Attacks http://bit.ly/d60mU0
Video: Tom Selleck's New Series http://bit.ly/chXEJf
Video: Back Pain 101 http://bit.ly/cGXuFz
Video: Soldier Explains Lady Gaga Spoof http://bit.ly/aBAq6u
Video: Greece Strikes http://bit.ly/aUZUzx
Video: Cinco de Mayo Mole, Margaritas http://bit.ly/bCHULJ
Senate backs plan attacking "too big to fail" http://bit.ly/cGczeb
Nigeria : South Africa Offers U.S.$135,000 Cash For World Cup Goal http://bit.ly/aXPgcI
Pakistani sentenced to death for Mumbai attacks http://bit.ly/9SYGPu
S. Africa wants to give team bonus for World Cup goals http://bit.ly/aNjPtw
News reports conflict in NY bomb case http://bit.ly/9ybODx
China State News Agency Web Site Hit With Malware http://bit.ly/axGErq
Poor 'most at risk' from knives http://bit.ly/b1FIx4
Legal fight for Cardiff Bay blimp http://bit.ly/cXmfbl
Seven Yemenis die in heavy rains http://bit.ly/bdtyMp
Eurosceptic Farage hurt in plane crash http://bit.ly/cg7D8i
2011 release for Twilight finale http://bit.ly/bwwGQd
Dramatic rise in China syphilis http://bit.ly/bNqoCt
'Booming' bittern finally filmed http://bit.ly/cS1Zf0
Cole makes 'dream' start to tour http://bit.ly/cg1lyu
Mumbai gunman sentenced to die http://bit.ly/bWRQqC
Air France 'black box' site found http://bit.ly/baaPH5
Umaru Yar'Adua: Your comments http://bit.ly/cHRVpg
BP box sent to seal Gulf oil leak http://bit.ly/cWMHbN
Greek parliament to vote on cuts http://bit.ly/9EQ2ws
Nigeria swears in new president http://bit.ly/btvV5P

woensdag 5 mei 2010

Penalty shootout http://bit.ly/9LcPrt
Violence flares in SW Afghanistan http://bit.ly/bxNpN4
Video: Student Arrested in Girlfriend's Murder http://bit.ly/ctlqVE
Video: Multiple Transplants Save Woman's Life http://bit.ly/dreKRP
Have a memorabled 5 may 2010 http://bit.ly/9dU5Nc
Video: NYC Bomb Investigation Focus http://bit.ly/c1W9Bf
Video: River Monsters http://bit.ly/9OCMdI
Video: Faisal Arrest: "A Great Drama" http://bit.ly/ayaSWN
Video: 2010 Tony Award Nominations http://bit.ly/c26esO
Video: This Show Has Gone to the Dogs http://bit.ly/c6p65o
Video: Who is Faisal Shahzad? http://bit.ly/bnkuCt
Video: High-End Coffee Talk http://bit.ly/aLfdb4
Video: Obama on Faisal Shahzad Arrest http://bit.ly/dbDBpv
Video: Calif. Strikes Homosexuality Cure Clause http://bit.ly/b3YTAi
Iran agrees "in principle" to Brazil's mediation http://bit.ly/9OIVT1
Greeks to ramp up protests, euro hit by contagion fear http://bit.ly/bZdQbi
Flight restrictions imposed again in Ireland http://bit.ly/alv9jr
Investigators still interviewing NY bomb suspect http://bit.ly/axE7c7
Chip Patterson: With Del Negro Gone, What's Ahead for the Bulls? http://bit.ly/9Tmd1G
Yisrael Campbell: My Parents Weren't Just Being Nosy, They Were Protecting Their Investment http://bit.ly/do8c8F
Dr. Susan Albers: The Season Finale of the Price of Beauty http://bit.ly/9jpbVI
Will Bunch: The Taserification of America http://bit.ly/b1RXWK
David McMillan: How to Get People to Boycott Your State http://bit.ly/bs6rtQ
Michael Giltz: Idol Season 9: Top 5 -- Swinging Sinatra http://bit.ly/cSGSML
Magic Obliterate Hawks In 2nd-Round Opener http://bit.ly/aEzIEG
Picasso Painting 'Nude, Green Leaves And Bust' Sold For $106.5 Million At Auction http://bit.ly/dj6my2
Lakers Hold Off Jazz, Widen Series Lead http://bit.ly/ctn3xE
North Carolina Primary Election Results 2010: Democratic Runoff, GOP Picks State Senator Burr http://bit.ly/dsD5Er
Sestak gaining ground on Specter, polls show - Allentown Morning Call http://bit.ly/a5byJg
Slain Klan recruit shouted 'I want out' - Toronto Sun http://bit.ly/9FUy0q
News Corp. Gets a Lift From Ads and ‘Avatar’ http://bit.ly/bmnoiy
Govt misusing CBI in assets cases against politicians: BJP - Indian Express http://bit.ly/9UFZMB
Court orders state to explain why Amona outpost not demolished - Ha'aretz http://bit.ly/cBnYxu
News Corp. Slides After Forecasting Earnings Decline (Update1) http://bit.ly/dzrXkq
Conservatives play the Iraq card by releasing video of 2003 Blair broadcast - The Guardian http://bit.ly/aniZzR
Magic inflict big loss to Hawks as Lakers extend lead - Brisbane Times http://bit.ly/apQrB6
Torture boys in sentence appeal http://bit.ly/aOFORl
India court bans truth drug test http://bit.ly/9Z9WRe
Bellamy relishing competition - Bedfordshire News http://bit.ly/91cCYS
Indonesia minister to World Bank http://bit.ly/b1FcIV
Young 'like fruit to look good' http://bit.ly/d9W7WG
Meet the 'sabre-toothed sausage' - BBC News http://bit.ly/bamV7D
NGOs slam govt delay of asylum claims - Brisbane Times http://bit.ly/bKcNdu
Woods: Irons not from 'Tiger Slam' - News-Leader.com http://bit.ly/9pPUJ8
Euro hits fresh low on debt fears http://bit.ly/9GXQ8k
Pressure on Man City - Redknapp http://bit.ly/dyMuTH
NY bomb suspect 'nearly escaped' http://bit.ly/9gUF8S
Prudential delays $21bn cash call http://bit.ly/azNOl7
Indonesia auctions ship treasure http://bit.ly/baIGF9
General strike paralyses Greece http://bit.ly/bmkQLn

dinsdag 4 mei 2010

Guantanamo claimants await ruling http://bit.ly/awQN7u
Probe into India reporter death http://bit.ly/apO33J
'Attacks' hit Darfur peace talks http://bit.ly/d4HJl0
Redgrave obituary http://bit.ly/anH71T
Nightmare slays film competition http://bit.ly/cUuHL9
Struggling on http://bit.ly/bfvqpG
Japan abandons 2018 World Cup bid http://bit.ly/b7XAWN
Replicating Renoir http://bit.ly/9XxNLa
Much maligned http://bit.ly/dgZLqP
Rocks record early magnetic field http://bit.ly/bdAIp1
Gunman kills SA strip clubs owner http://bit.ly/cbSk1Z
Greek workers begin two-day strike http://bit.ly/aMSwt8
BP plans to use dome to capture giant US oil spill http://bit.ly/bJmVk5
US boost for global economy http://bit.ly/bvfE35
Ministers in tactical voting call http://bit.ly/cdcbJV
Nepal Maoists' strike continues http://bit.ly/de6YxH
Aer Lingus counts ash chaos cost http://bit.ly/9Dv9S7
Unlikely activist http://bit.ly/c2tMYv
Taiwan gets first office in China http://bit.ly/ch1E5Z
Greek is the word http://bit.ly/azgTdi
Investment banking boost for UBS http://bit.ly/9oB23i
Hungry to learn? http://bit.ly/a4rhGz
S Korea 'resolute' over sunk ship http://bit.ly/cJVtr5
Mumbai gunman due for sentencing http://bit.ly/cJX1jv
Man held over New York bomb plot http://bit.ly/aQbS2d
Oil falls below $86 on firm dlr, high US stockpiles http://bit.ly/cTY4Of
Japan scraps US base move plan http://bit.ly/aQvolk

maandag 3 mei 2010

McCain Blocking Bill To Include Marines In 'Department Of The Navy' Name http://bit.ly/bzeR6J
Robert Reich: The Rebirth of Regulation http://bit.ly/cu4Mzs
Jeopardy's Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Tournament http://bit.ly/dsHdof
Nancy Doyle Palmer: Laura Bush - The Reluctant But Radiant Celebrity http://bit.ly/aFBcBm
Too Big To Jail? Executives Unscathed As Regulators Let Banks Report Criminal Fraud http://bit.ly/cHGbjJ
Disgrasian: This Is America, Speak English (Unless You're FOX News) http://bit.ly/coqqnf
Secret Blackwater Tape Exposed http://bit.ly/a3uLUB
Joe Peyronnin: Oil Exploitation http://bit.ly/diqyUU
Emma Watson Shows Off Her Legs (PHOTOS) http://bit.ly/cO0WH7
Christina Hendricks Met Costume Institute Gala 2010: A Babe In Blue! (PHOTO) http://bit.ly/9rA1vb
January Jones Met Costume Institute Gala 2010: Hit Or Miss? (PHOTO, POLL) http://bit.ly/cFWlNh
For some Pens, a sort of homecoming - ESPN http://bit.ly/9oV1m6
Hockey fan throws shark onto ice during game - abc7news.com http://bit.ly/dvdUav
Aussie Dollar Nears 19-Month High Against Yen Before RBA Meets - San Francisco Chronicle http://bit.ly/akdzVs
Police claim Hyderabad attacks foiled, arrest Lashkar man - Indian Express http://bit.ly/d8v98z
Starbucks sued over hot tea alleged to cause burns - Moneycontrol.com http://bit.ly/aHVcCS
Bulls fire Del Negro - Chicago Tribune http://bit.ly/aDHvDZ
Hey, Conan: enough. You're giving the Irish a bad name - Globe and Mail http://bit.ly/9K85KM
Barack Obama profile - ABC Online http://bit.ly/cTjwTv
China tightens school security after attacks - eTaiwan News http://bit.ly/ayyKSP
It Seems Fitting that as Palin Lies Again, ABC News Cuts a Quarter of Its Staff - Huffington Post (blog) http://bit.ly/bIode0
Obama renews US-Syria sanctions http://bit.ly/95Zg13
Could American, US Airways deal follow United-Continental? http://bit.ly/dkXBL6

zondag 2 mei 2010

Video: Extra: Conan O'Brien & Jay Leno http://bit.ly/cQP40c
Video: Extra: Jay Leno Says You Got Screwed http://bit.ly/cWBEGY
Video: Extra: Conan O'Brien, Star Of Stage & Twitter? http://bit.ly/alAE78
Video: Extra: Conan O'Brien On "60 Minutes"? http://bit.ly/aUi9Aw
Video: Conan O'Brien http://bit.ly/cH5SL9
Video: Chef Jose Andres http://bit.ly/a1lqN1
Video: The All-American Canal http://bit.ly/bwiIWQ
Video: 60 Minutes, 05.02.10 http://bit.ly/939Nl0
Video: Extra: Border Control http://bit.ly/aUArsd
Video: Extra: Finding Nemo in a Gin & Tonic http://bit.ly/co7T77
Feisty Buffett supports Goldman, high on economy http://bit.ly/che2xG
Video: Extra: Militarizing The Border http://bit.ly/aSBQVY
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: How To See Them Smile! http://bit.ly/cO9nOH
Video: Extra: A Recipe For Rehabilitation http://bit.ly/dfk7ik
Video: Extra: Just Add Liquid Nitrogen http://bit.ly/dpfVZH
Video: Extra: There's a Fish Under All That Salt! http://bit.ly/bRPk75
Beach in North Carolina Outlaws Thongs http://bit.ly/bmoj49
Thai 'red shirts' ignore new government threats http://bit.ly/boxhsG
North Korea's Kim appears to have entered China: report http://bit.ly/cgj1vR
Judge H. Lee Sarokin: Is It Possible to be Unfair to Wall Street Bankers? http://bit.ly/bcxbuz
U.S. pressures BP over Gulf oil spill; no easy fix http://bit.ly/cEgKM8
Roman Polanski SPEAKS: Breaks Silence On Legal Woes http://bit.ly/9bpq59
Hunt on for culprits in failed New York car bomb http://bit.ly/agHrlT
Michael Martin: Video: Why Wall St. Needs More Checks & Balances http://bit.ly/d5f2GN
Robert Downey Jr. Talks About Father's Influence http://bit.ly/aLV5K0
Chely Wright Lesbian? Country Singer Coming Out In PEOPLE http://bit.ly/9Mn4X1
Aldo Civico: Arizona: the Other as Enemy http://bit.ly/c6LE8H
Ken Adelman: The Bard on Baseball http://bit.ly/doWBks
Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, Rebecca Romijn & More At Kentucky Derby http://bit.ly/aPuMpr
Seth Green Marries Clare Grant http://bit.ly/bX3MIa
Brett King: Brett King: Who gets it right with Internet Banking opportunities? http://bit.ly/d9EDWU
'As the World Turns' matriarch Wagner dies at 91 http://bit.ly/apUytV
NYPD: Video has possible suspect in Times Square bomb scare - Detroit Free Press http://bit.ly/aGwkQa
Continental, United Airlines Agree to Merger - 39online.com http://bit.ly/9jYHly
Party leaders targeting key seats - Belfast Telegraph http://bit.ly/bCOv6V
Alesco CEO payout excluded from guidance - Sydney Morning Herald http://bit.ly/93xJPH
Khadr repatriation considered, hearing told - StarPhoenix http://bit.ly/9rLgSm
Wer hat für diese News gestimmt http://bit.ly/9tNnUo
AP sources: Continental and United to combine - Maximum Edge http://bit.ly/aPJnCM
Khadr boycotts Guantanamo hearing for third day - StarPhoenix http://bit.ly/b1vFLW
Yankees Ask, Hughes Answers - Wall Street Journal http://bit.ly/bjBY9j
Japanese team gives surgery to children with cleft lips, palates - AsiaOne http://bit.ly/bSl0jU
News Across the Universe http://bit.ly/dwA02w
Perkasie News-Herald holds town hall to begin Ben Franklin Project (VIDEO) http://bit.ly/cX8x8F
Extradition case based on a lie: Polanski - Victoria Times Colonist http://bit.ly/9j9wKV
Oil rises on Greek bailout news http://bit.ly/9lfV6s
Snake visits News 2 http://bit.ly/cNCSml
Fans held after relegation match http://bit.ly/cJ7ReH
Ming makeover http://bit.ly/9ILFOm
US airlines seal US$3b tie-up http://bit.ly/9eKZyL

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

Sir Mota Singh receives Pride of Sikh Community Award - Times of India http://bit.ly/c48nzQ
Kyle Busch finally gets back to Victory Lane - Youngstown Vindicator http://bit.ly/dsVh0F
Cavs rally past Boston in Game 1 - Youngstown Vindicator http://bit.ly/deStuJ
Obama takes digs at birthers, GOP, his advisers - The Associated Press http://bit.ly/biJvdh
Obama to Review Control Efforts as Gulf Spill Moves Ashore - San Francisco Chronicle http://bit.ly/d9htCz
BREAKING NEWS: Home destroyed by fire http://bit.ly/b1NFed
Super Saver sloshes to win - Cumberland Times-News http://bit.ly/a2JATw
Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport expands with new concourse and airline. http://bit.ly/aPGhIR
Police, fire investigate suspicious package outside Newport News convenience store http://bit.ly/cbXohj
Higgins in snooker 'bribe claim' http://bit.ly/clt2ce
'Fresh LRA massacre' in DR Congo http://bit.ly/aJGxk7
Police seal part of Times Square http://bit.ly/9J5cIm
US spill 'threatens way of life' http://bit.ly/bxIERX
Contact Us | Advertise | Privacy Policy http://bit.ly/9oZjbl
US sounds alarm bells over Macau triads http://bit.ly/ad4vSN
SCI FI Wire - The Last Airbender http://bit.ly/dsNnDn
SCI FI Wire - Suitcase Suit: Iron Man 2 Clip http://bit.ly/9h6VO3
SCI FI Wire - Iron Man 2 Clip: New Assistant http://bit.ly/9kcEa8
SCI FI Wire - Iron Man 2 Clip: Grab a Quote http://bit.ly/aRccXz
Joseph A. Palermo: The White House Correspondents' Association Dinner: Nothing to Celebrate http://bit.ly/9cwBX3
Jacob M. Appel: Transcending Ovaries: Toward Male Equality in the Abortion Debate http://bit.ly/c1kByJ
Mark Hyman, MD: Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at All Costs or Why Following the USDA Food Pyramid Guidelines is Bad for Your Health (VIDEO) http://bit.ly/aozmaB
Cynthia Ellis: Tribeca Film Festival Interview: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. The Senitmental Engine Slayer http://bit.ly/cejDST
Warren Buffett Defends Goldman Sachs As Berkshire Posts A Profit http://bit.ly/bleUUq
Jeffrey Wasserstrom: Shanghai Illuminations, 1890-2010 http://bit.ly/dis8yc
DK Matai: Underwater Dirty 'Black Gold' Volcano: Unprecedented Environmental Emergency http://bit.ly/aaqVPL
Goldman Hid Mortgage Moves From SEC For Months http://bit.ly/92d2Oa
2010 Census Has Computer Problem http://bit.ly/dsq79s
Liberals Struggle To Challenge Conservative Democrats Who Opposed Health Reform http://bit.ly/9tn638
Bangla hands over NDFB chief - Indian Express http://bit.ly/bao2nS
Too fat to fight: The overweight teenagers putting America at risk - Daily Mail http://bit.ly/9vS2m0
Ex C-man Vincent Damphousse says it's 'weird' Canadiens don't have a captain - Vancouver Sun http://bit.ly/9TKg9T
Missing woman spotted at Eaton Centre - Toronto Star http://bit.ly/bQZV7a
May-Treanor, Branagh advance at Santa Barbara Open - Universal Sports http://bit.ly/dq9q3K
Downed U-2 pilot's son on own mission in Russia - Arab News http://bit.ly/9FR69F
Bankruptcy filed by Ohio newspaper publishers - Newsday (subscription) http://bit.ly/d1YXpr
TV Wendy's husband may be struck off over £6000 stem cell jabs - Daily Mail http://bit.ly/9qu37w
Digvijay challenges Raman to Naxal debate - Indian Express http://bit.ly/dulhhJ
WEEKLY REVIEW: Foreign selling, rising circular debt drag KSE 179 pts down - Daily Times http://bit.ly/ar3gkT
What's News for May 2, 2010 http://bit.ly/azRPnn
Carney signing a shot of good news for JCC-Olean http://bit.ly/cEPIKm
News quiz: Tuition hike; Tebow's team http://bit.ly/9AihKF
Phew! to brew http://bit.ly/9g1c3V
Immigration rally in Newport News http://bit.ly/akMbqH
Illegal immigrant on Blears' team http://bit.ly/bVQldW
Last few days 'crucial' - Brown http://bit.ly/bBMk0R
Something amiss? http://bit.ly/coYkGk
'Green' exercise 'boosts health' http://bit.ly/crwmYA
India outclass brave Afghanistan http://bit.ly/9XLhuA
US protests over immigration law http://bit.ly/9P5nUj